Shine is a story about Tatiana, a shy little girl who finds it difficult to make friends. Although talented and full of potential, she hides all of her God-given qualities. Tatiana tries on her own to break out of her shell, but is unable to. Frustrated, she decides to escape and wanders off into the woods. Luckily, she meets a kind old woman who inspires her to be just like Jesus and recognize how important she is as an individual. Tatiana’s life will never remain the same after this puzzling encounter with this mysterious lady.


Molly has struggled at school, but with a little bit of hard work, determination, and support from her teachers, parents, and friends, she is set up for success. She shows kindness to her peers and encourages everyone around her. She also loves to read the Bible and hear stories about Jesus. At school, she shares the good news about the love of Jesus with her friends on the playground. On Meet the Teacher night, Molly and her classmates show off their talents on stage and make their parents extremely proud.

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